Paradox Sports - Athlete Ambassador, Board of Directors 2013-2016

"Paradox Sports improves people's lives by creating physical adaptive sport communities built to inspire. Paradox Sports seeks to recognize and foster an individual’s potential and strength, defying the assumption that people with a physical disability can’t lead a life of excellence. We provide inspiration, opportunities and specialized adaptive equipment so that anyone is able to be an active participant in human-powered sports."

USA Climbing Team - Athlete, Team Member 2014-Present; USAC Adaptive Committee member October 2017-Present

"USA Climbing is the national governing body of the sport of competition climbing in the United States.  As a 501(c)3 non-profit, we promote three competition disciplines, boulderingsport andspeed climbing, through our series:

  • USA Climbing: Sport
  • USA Climbing: Speed
  • USA Climbing: Bouldering
  • USA Climbing: Adaptive

USA Climbing receives sanctioning and is recognized by: The International Federation for Sport Climbing (IFSC - formerly known as the International Council for Competition Climbing or the ICC), the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the United States Olympic Committee (USOC)."



 At Beast Fingers Climbing, we have sought to build into our products an ecosystem that supports adaptability and progress. We strive to design the best, well-thought finger and hand training tools that yield results. 

We focus mainly on strengthening and recovery, and hope to bring to not only climbers, but all those who are seeking stronger hands and fingers, tools that work and will be loved.

Proudly designed and manufactured in Denver, CO



Evolv Climbing Shoes - Regional Athlete

Shoe of choice? The amazing Shakra. Evolv also brought the Adaptive Climbing Foot to the commercial market, making climbing affordable for lower limb amputees. 


Rhino Skin Solutions - Athlete

Simply the best climbing skin care out there. Click for my review of 'Dry' here.

Use code 'MOMT' to get 15% off your purchase at the Rhino website.  

The Lucky Fin Project - Superfan and Supporter

"A child being born with a limb difference is not tragic. It's extremely important to show our children how capable & wonderfully made they are. If we treat them as flawed or limited that is who they will believe themselves to be- and that would be the tragedy.

We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that exists to raise awareness and celebrate children and individuals born with symbrachydactyly or other limb differences. "

Maureen Beck: First Place in the World Paraclimbing Championship in Spain 2014

Maureen Beck: First Place in the World Paraclimbing Championship in Spain 2014